High reliability brand
TOFLEX brand cable from the leading manufacturing factory in Russia exceeds existing foreign analogues under characteristics, fire safety parameters and operational reliability.

Installation screened cable TOFLEX M

Designed to meet the needs of national economy and connection to stationary electric appliance and devices in industrial and power energy facilities.
Applicable for connection to stationary electric appliance, equipment and devices at nominal AC voltage up to 500 V AC frequency to 400 Hz; or DC voltage up to 750 V. They are used in explosive areas, in metallurgical companies, chemical, gas and oil production and processing sectors, on the gas and oil transport enterprises, nuclear power plants out of tight area in NPP system of class 2, 3, 4.
Benefits of TOFLEX brand
Low prices, through control of raw materials procurement
High stability of insulation and fire safety
Great design possibilities for each customer
High class of flexibility and convenience of installation
Total compliance with quality standards

«We want to demonstrate that high quality product — does not mean expensive one! Materials used in the manufacture of TOFLEX — are predominantly of domestic production. In cable design, we aim to satisfy the most demanding partners. A huge list of brands with all sorts of design features for any purpose. It is not just a brand, but 100% quality guarantee».
Alexander A. Fedotov,
Director General

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